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About the Cross River Artists


Cross River Fine Art is an aritst's guild, representing sixteen watercolorists from varying walks of life who have joined together to display their diverse, yet unique painting styles. 

The artists live and work in the Hudson River Valley and many of their paintings, whether they be still-lifes, botanicals or landscapes, reflect the beauty and sensibility of the region. 

Another defining element of the group is the Betsy Jacaruso Studio and Gallery in Rhinebeck, New York. These artists study with Betsy on an ongoing basis, some for many years. This has formed a lasting and vital bond that is often expressed in their work. 

Enjoy the contrasts and the similarities of each individual artist as they seek to create beauty in their art.

Barbara Bergin
Ellen Crimmins
Joanne Cuttler
Deborah DeWan
Setsuko Ellsworth
Claudia Engel
Hana Gordon
Denise Jalbert
Carol Kohan
Leslie Malin
Margaret Moebius
Judith Pedatella
Lorna Schipp
Francoise Ursat