Always register ahead of time.

Some experience required.


Mixed-Level Watercolor with Betsy Jacaruso

Relaxed group atmosphere with a focus on learning watercolor techniques while developing and cultivating a personal style. Mixed-level watercolor classes are ongoing. Some experience required or completion of beginner class.

Mondays 10-1pm, Tuesdays 2-5pm, Wednesdays 10-1pm, Saturdays 10-1pm


Class fees. Supplies not included

  • Single Class - $45 each

  • Package 4-Classes - $160 (Must be used with 6 weeks of activation of first class)


Booking your class

Please do not book unless you have watercolor experience or have cleared it with the studio. Taking the beginner course qualifies you for this class.

Single classes - Book online. Pay when you book online or at studio when you attend.

Class packages - Book online. Pay at studio before or when you attend the first class. Packages may not be purchased online at this time.

Please inquire about gift certificates.


Supplies List for Mixed-Level Watercolor

Must be 100% cotton rag,
Suggested brands: Arches or Fabriano, 140 pound cold
Options: press, pad, block, or sheets

These are Betsy’s preferences. You may substitute any of these colors with your own preferences, but having a warm and a cool option of your yellow, red, and blue is ideal.

  • Titanium White

  • Aureolin (or any cool yellow)

  • Holbein’s Gamboge Nova (or any warm

  • yellow)

  • Permanent Roseo Scarlet Lake

  • Cobalt Blue

  • Cerulean Blue

  • Ultramarine

  • Payne’s Gray 

  • Shell Pink

•  Size 10 round
•  1” Flat wash brush. *Betsy prefers Da Vinci Cosmo Spin Size 20. A blend of fine hairs and synthetic hairs*
•  1/2” flat brush (suggested)
•  Rigger size 2 or 3 (suggested)

• Mounting board (unless you work from a block)
•  Masking tape
•  Masquepen (see suggested)
•  HB pencil
•  Gum or kneaded eraser
•  Paper towels